Sun Odyssey Walk-Around

Walk Around Series


Meet the Walk-Around Series

Puntos clave

Walk-Around Decks, Earning NMMA Innovation Award
Unprecedented cockpit comfort engineered for relaxation
Designed by race winning naval architects
Simple sail control, set up for ultimate ease of use
Revolutionary open concept interior design
Fits your style, with many options to choose from

Sun Odyssey 410

• Award-winning Walk-Around Decks
• a hard chine running the full length of the hull, for a more powerful and stable hull;
• an inverted bow, for fine entry, better weight distribution and a distinctive look;
• the bow stands clear of the water, for less drag and greater speed; self-aligning twin rudders, with self-aligning bearings, for an improved feel of the helm;

Sun Odyssey 440

La innovación al servicio de la comodidad y del placer de vivir:
• Circulación a bordo totalmente innovadora
• Numerosos avances técnicos para perfeccionar la navegación y la comodidad a bordo
• Un diseño moderno y armonioso
• Grandes volúmenes interiores

Sun Odyssey 490

La libertad de vivir y de navegar:
• La cubierta desciende directamente al nivel de la cabina
• Múltiples avances tecnológicos y tecnologías marítimas
• Grandes volúmenes con una visión moderna y armoniosa
• Inmensa cabina propietario
• Diseño moderno e innovador