Sun Dream 28

Strong Points

The Sun Dream 28 has the key to blue-water cruising in comfort. The prime-quality of the Sun Dream 28 is her stability, a stability which is evident under sail as an anchor. Her powerful lines reveal her capacity for speed; her ease-of-handling is enhanced by a very pleasant tightness in the sails. On deck; the broad side-decks and the attractive sundeck forward have nothing to envy larger sailboats. The transom extension (optional extra) is not only a performance factor but also constitutes a platform for bathing, coming alongside and boarding. A striving for perfection is patently visible on opening the cockpit locker (teak-lined throughout) which is roomy enough to take the hatch-boards in a special housing and the complete suit of sails. The open pulpit (a 100% Jeanneau part) at the bows is further witness to this effort. Sun Dream 28: the space afforded by an absolute in comfort Never before on a 28-feet sailboat has the interior volume been so vast nor has it been so well utilised as on the Sun Dream 28 (3 independent cabins). The saloon boasts exemplary elbow-room and is in perfect harmony with the large chart table and the galley area (headroom: 1 m 85 / 5'11') Abaft, the double cabin with its 1m90 (6'3') berth still reserves extra space much appreciated when getting dressed or changing (headroom: 1m80/5'11' à pressured water supply). The Sun Dream 28 is a model yacht where light is concerned eah cabin having its own source of natural light and ventilation. Numerous details bear witness to the throught, care and workmanship that have gone into the creation of this sailboat: the fully-accessible engine compartment, the sheathed electric, the built-in crumb-tray in the sole, the beautifully-finished adhesive-lamina roundings, not forgetting the teak-finsih to the hull-lining of the saloon area.

  • The Sun Dream 28 is built following the stringent principles which have gone to make the international reputation of the Jeanneau name: the fibreglass cloth is laid up and rolled by hand at constant temperature: the stringers and bulkheads are bonded to the hull by lamination, the deck-hull joint is laminated over the traditional way, inner moulds are for aesthetic reasons never for structural, the keel is expoxy-treated.


Technical Talk
  • Length overall: 9 m / 29'6"
  • Hull length: 8.65 m / 28'5"
  • Displacement: 2700 kg / 5952 Lbs
  • Standard keel draught : 1.64 m / 5'5"
  • Weight: 1070 kg / 2359 Lbs
  • Max people: 6