Jeanneau, Proud Sponsor of  Arctic Sense 2021

Jeanneau Onboard for Arctic Sense 2021

For over a decade now, marine biologist and Jeanneau owner, Andreas B. Heide has sailed his Sun Fast 37, Barba, from his home in Stavanger, Norway to the ice packs of the high arctic to swim with, study, and document the health and well-being of the world’s largest marine mammals, whales.  

Growing up on the western coast of Norway, Andreas’s passion and love for the sea was with him from the start. And because Jeanneau shares this same passion and because his work with the Orcas and protecting the marine environment is in complete alignment with our own values, of marine conservation it was an easy decision to make when we were asked to help sponsor this year’s expedition, Arctic Sense 2021, a four-month expedition to the archipelago islands of Svalbard located just 600 nautical miles south of the North Pole.

Hop onboard to learn more about this exciting adventure and what it’s like to swim with the giants of the sea!

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The Arctic Sense Expedition gets underway JUNE 1 and continues through October. For additional updates, follow on social media. Links listed below!

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